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Guidelines for Calendar Submission

Here's the lowdown on how to submit your own calendar creation for inclusion on the Desktop Calendar Originals Site.
Supplies for Calendar Creators using Photo Impact
Listed below are zipped folders containing premade grids to use making your calendars. They have no month name, so you can use your favorite font to name it. They also contain months made with a solid background. These grids have a small solid area where the name goes. This can be erased or you could use your background color and a font like Comic Sans to type in the month name. The choice is yours.
To use the grids, unzip them then open PI and go to the Library side of your Easy Palette. Right Click on My Library and choose Load or Import, then browse to where your unzipped folders are and choose the first one.
Feel free to contact me if you need help.
For those using PaintShop Pro, there's of great script that will help you create grids. Click Here to download it.

  1. Create your calendar or wallpaper! Remember this is going to appear as a background on a computer desktop, so think big. If you need help with a calendar check out my tutorial here.

  2. To make it easier to make the grids for PhotoImpact Users, I am offering a full year's set of Calendar grids that can be imported to your Easy Palette. Use the list above to download them, then unzip and import to your EP. Since they are path objects you can resized and apply presets to your heart's content. The grids I have created have no month names. This way you can add your own month name using any Font you like. Every possible month is represented. Just look at a real calendar and find one that starts on the correct day of the week and has the correct number of days... You get to use any font you like for the month name.

  3. Remember that most users have a toolbar across the bottom of their screens that will cover up the bottom of your calendar and Desktop Icons on the left. So leave some space. It's best not to have your image use the whole screen. Center it or off set it on the right side.

  4. Please make sure it is your original creation, or uses artwork/photography that is in the public domain, or from a tutorial that permits your use of the style and/or images used. You might like to check out the R.I.G.H.T.S. for Artists website. It is revelatory, and is a must-read for anyone doing graphics on the Web. In addition please read this page. The author explains what "Free to Use" really means and is a perfect statement and explanation of my policy. If you are not sure about the image you want to use, please contact me and together we can sort out whether or not you can. If you are in need of images to use, please contact me and I will send you a list of sites that allow you to use their images freely in any not–for–profit way.

  5. Our official sizes are listed below.
    • Regular will now include two calendars one 1024x768 and one 1366x768
    • Large will now include two calendars one 1440x900 and one 1280x1024
    • Extra Large will now include two calendars one 1680x1050 and one 1920x1080

    It works best if you start with the large size, save it then resize to a smaller one and save again. Please name them as follows: month-yourname-size.jpg, i.e. sept-Leenie-1680.jpg. It's important to include those file sizes at the end so our users can tell them apart. Only the largest number of the size is needed so 1024 for 1024x768.

  6. If you make more than one design please number them consecutively. Ex: cal-feb-gad-01, cal-feb-gad-02. Or just give them descriptive names. But do include the larger number of the image size as the last part of the file-name. If you aren't clear on this try clicking some of the links on our current page to see what they have been named.

  7. Don't forget to sign them! You may put your personal graphics site URL on the calendar. Use your watermark if you have one.

  8. Don't forget to give credit to the Artist who's work you are borrowing. Or Photographer as the case may be. Even those who allow you to use them want you to provide a link back to their website. This can be done simply by adding an addtional watermark. Something like... "Image courtesy", where you would place the acutal URL in the quotes. If you arent' sure how that works, download some of my calendars (Gold Acres Designs) and look at how I have credited the images including the Creddy Bears.

  9. Don't worry about making thumbnails, I will do that as I add them to the page. That way they all come out the same size and fit nicely. I will also place them in folders and zip them.

  10. Save them as .jpg. And don't forget to optimize them. If you need a .bmp for your computer, simply open the calendar in your graphics program and save it again in the format you need.

  11. Please try to keep each of such a size that when zipped, each will be under 500KB, so that downloading won't take forever.

  12. You do not need to zip them up unless it's better for you Internet connection. Send them by e-mail to me here.
    And one more thing....PLEASE don't include spaces or underlines in your filenames. Use a - hyphen instead. Thanks

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